OK payors...

... let the savings begin!

Proceedure Codes: seriously reduced.

Our platform reduces certain proceedure codes by replacing expensive medical devices with lower-cost applications that run on patients' existing mobile phones!

Patient-level claims analysis across millions of patients show that our platform would have saved US payors an estimated $1.5 billion in 2018!

Replacement Costs: not anymore.

Since we turn the patient's phone into the medical device, and you only pay for the app once, if they lose or break their phone, they simply download the app on their new device for free... as many times as necessary!

Fraud, Waste & Abuse: stopped in its tracks.

You no longer have to wait months to find out that your patients switched or stopped using the medical equipent you're paying for...

... since the medical device is an app running on our platform, we know when you should stop reimbursing... in real-time!

Long-Term Costs: changing patient behavior... for real.

Let's face it, the long-term effects (kidney failure, heart disease, amputations, etc.) of poorly managed chronic deseases is crippling.

Our platform not only opens the ideal mode of communication to engage patients, but it also creates the insights necessary to build programs that change patient behavior... like rewarding patients for keeping their blood sugars in a certain range.